Mammie, it is so empty

Not the kind of emptiness we see with our eye
Yet, that too is there!
The seat we made for you glares back at us every day; empty
The bed you slept in too gazes at us; empty
Your room in the house is also; empty
Your favourite spot outdoors under the tree is still; empty
I looked in your closet, it stared back at me; empty
Your much-loved place in the living room still remains; empty
Your spot at the dining table during meals is; empty
The Christmas meal tasted like cardboard Mammie, because your chair was; empty
Last night we made you favourite meal Mammie,

It did not taste the same because your plate was; empty
The pantry that used to overflow with so much food from your farm too is; empty
The fridge that was full of all manner of vegetables too is; empty
But that is not the empty I am talking about
I am talking about the hollowing space in our hearts. 

It feels as though someone took a shovel and excavated our hearts leaving them; empty!
When we speak it echoes; empty; empty; empty…….
When we think it feels; empty
Wherever we look it is; empty

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